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English: Coat of arms of Guadalajara City, also used as emblem of the Jalisco State (Mexico)
English: Escudo de la ciudad de Guadalajara y del Estado de Jalisco (México)
Source Ley sobre escudo de armas del estado de Jalisco
Author Estado de Jalisco
(Vector graphics by Heralder)
SVG in SVG.svg This Coat of arms of the New Kingdom of Galicia.svg.
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Escudo de Guadalajara (México).svg Escudo de Armas de Guadalajara (Jalisco).svg

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Public domain According to the Mexican copyright law (23-07-2003), Article 14, case 7 & 8: "Copyright shall not apply to shields, flags or emblems of any country, state, municipality or political division; names, acronyms, symbols or emblems of international governmental organisations, or any other organization officially recognized; or legislative, regulatory, administrative or judicial texts, as well as their official translations."

Hence it is assumed that this image has been released into the public domain.

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Coat of arms of Mexico.svg
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