Flag of Lower Saxony.svg

Flag of Lower Saxony*
country Germany
used by Lower Saxony
current since 1951-04-13
created by Gustav Völker
format 2:3
shape rectangular
colours see included flag
other characteristics flag includes the coat of arms Coat of arms of Lower Saxony.svg

flag includes the flag Flag of Germany.svg

Summary[ ]

Deutsch: Landesflagge Niedersachsens
English: State civil flag of Lower Saxony
Türkçe: resmi bayrağı


Keep shades parallel with Image:Flag of Germany.svg.

Licensing[ ]

Public domain This file depicts the flag of a German Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts (corporation governed by public law). According to § 5 Abs. 1 of the German Copyright law, official works like flags are gemeinfrei (in the public domain).

Note: The usage of flags is governed by legal restrictions, independent of the copyright status of the depiction shown here.

Coat of arms of Germany.svg