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I, User:Michael180 have created a set of filetype icons based off the Nuvola Icons for KDE 3.x by David Vignoni and

My contributions are dual licensed, the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License ( and the LGPL

See them all Category:Nuvola-inspired icons for MediaWiki

See the other set Category:Nuvola-inspired Edit Bar for MediaWiki

  • These are a lot better, in my opinion, then those that ship with MediaWiki.
  • They are of a unified theme, unlike the current MediaWiki icons.
  • Some contain trademarked icons, like Word and Excel icons. I believe they can be used to illustrate files created by those programs. If that is incorrect, I have also included alternate icons without those restrictions.
  • I have also included some generic icons for file extensions I have not thought of, should they be of help, just copy them out of the generic folder and into the icons directory and rename them "fileicon-extension.png".
  • These icon set is intended for use in the largest possible situations. For instance, if have included .doc images because many companies need them on their wikis, even though they are banned on Wikipedia.
  • I would be thrilled if they were chosen to be included in future version of the MediaWiki software, and I give the MediaWiki Foundation full rights (where I have the rights to give) to do so.
  • I don't have SVG versions, because I don't know how to use SVG software. Should someone have the skills and the Nuvola SVG icons, they are welcome to create more.
  • To install on your own wiki, download the zip file from my website [1], and extract the icons in your /skins/common/images/icons directory, overwriting the old ones.
  • To view them all on your wiki, you must make a little change in "/includes/ImagePage.php" Open it up in your text editor and hit Ctrl+F. Type in there "$this->img->isSafeFile()" Hit Find. Replace this string with the text "1==1" Don't forget you need to make these changes again, if you upgrade MediaWiki.
    • One little note about this. Icons were disable for "not safe files", but I don't know why. Displaying a file icon seems to be perfectly safe. Can a developer tell me why icons are hidden for non-safe files? Thanks.
  • If anyone has changes or ideas, just drop me a line, w:User_talk:Michael180

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