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Map of the legislative organizations of the countries of the world, originally by

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English (en):  Map of nations based on their legislatures.
   Nations with a unicameral form of legislature.
   Nations with a unicameral legislature and an advisory body.
   Nations with a bicameral form of legislature.
   Nations with no form of legislature.
   Data not available.
العربية (ar):  خريطة الدول بناءً على برلماناتها.
   دول لديها برلمان بغرفة واحدة.
   دول لديها برلمان من مجلسين.
   دول ليس لديها برلمان.
   البيانات غير متوفرة.
فارسی (fa):  نقشهٔ نهادهای قانون‌گذار جهان بر پایهٔ نظام مجلس
   نهاد قانون‌گذاری تک‌مجلسی
   نهاد قانون‌گذاری دومجلسی
   بی مجلس
   بی داده
русский (Ru):  Законодательная власть.
   Однопалатные парламенты.
   Двухпалатные парламенты.
   Парламент отсутствует.
   Нет данных.
Deutsch (de):  Staaten und ihre Legislative.
   Staaten mit Einkammersystem.
   Staaten mit Zweikammersystem.
   Staaten ohne Legislative.
   Ohne Daten.
français (fr):  Une carte des pays basée sur leurs systèmes parlementaires.
   Pays avec un parlement monocaméral.
   Pays avec un parlement bicaméral.
   Pays sans forme de parlement.
   Données non disponibles.
македонски (mk):  Карта на државите според видот на законодавниот дом.
   Држави со еднодомно собрание.
   Држави со дводомно собрание.
   Држави без формален законодавен дом.
   Нема податоци.
Nederlands (nl):  Kaart met landen gebaseerd op hun parlementssysteem.
   Landen met een eenkamerstelsel.
   Landen with a tweekamerstelsel.
   Landen zonder vorm van parlement.
   Gegevens niet beschikbaar.
español (es):  Mapa de naciones basado en legislaciones.
   Naciones con legislacion unicameral.
   Naciones con legislacion bicameral.
   Naciones sin ninguna forma de legislacion.
   Informacion no disponible.
italiano (it):  Mappa dei sistemi parlamentari nel mondo.
   Nazioni con parlamento unicamerale.
   Nazioni con parlamento bicamerale.
   Nazioni senza parlamento.
   Dati non disponibili.
dansk (da):  Kort over verdens lande baseret på deres parlamenter.
   Nationer med et etkammersystem.
   Nationer med et tokammersystem.
   Nationer uden et parlament.
   Intet data tilgængeligt.
magyar (hu):  Világtérkép az államok törvényhozása szerint
   Államok egykamarás törvényhozással
   Államok kétkamarás törvényhozással
   Államok törvényhozási forma nélkül
   nincs adat
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    • 2008-02-27T21:20:02Z 940x477 (1602296 Bytes) make borders touch, add circles for French DOMs and Chinese SARs, undo rounding of numbers, delete some extraneous nodes.
    • 2008-02-02T18:38:58Z AzaToth 940x477 (881503 Bytes) rounding the values to near whole numbers. I don't think the decimals will do any visible difference at all.
    • 2007-12-14T02:57:29Z Lokal Profil 940x477 (1616830 Bytes) a class fix to France. Moved the france group further down to not cover andorra circle etc. Got rid of som translate tags by recalculating the paths.
    • 2007-12-09T20:27:34Z 940x477 (1616719 Bytes) thinner line for borders
    • 2007-12-09T03:58:49Z 940x477 (1616984 Bytes) changes to France (see description and discussion pages), added a class for islands without an international border that makes the coastline thinner
    • 2007-11-08T22:20:44Z Ketiltrout 940x477 (1614834 Bytes) Move Disko Island and the Bahamas back to their rightful places
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    • 2007-09-13T18:52:32Z Lokal Profil 940x477 (1635420 Bytes) Basically same edits as Canuckguy but in a text editor so as to eliminate Inksacape junk code and preserve the style structure. Also made sure all circles are above the surrounding countries.
    • 2007-09-10T05:54:39Z 940x477 (1915635 Bytes) Simplified circles - now in same layer as countries (making the whole file one layer), simplified a few other things as detailed on the changes in the descrption on the talk page.
    • 2007-09-09T03:03:49Z Lokal Profil 940x477 (1632593 Bytes) Added ISO-id to Mongolia, Bhutan and Andorra circle, Corrected id of Malawi, made "Swaziland border path" transparent so that colour of underlying path becomes visible. Also removed Inkscape objects, cleaned out a lot of blan
    • 2007-08-29T21:14:30Z H2g2bob 940x477 (1630393 Bytes) Remove class="..." from elements if parent has same or similar class, allowing for inheritance of style rules.
    • 2007-08-25T22:15:44Z H2g2bob 940x477 (1686400 Bytes) Update to map to include styles in CSS stylesheet using <svg:style> tags. This allows changing the style of the entire map in one go. This edit was done in a text editor.
    • 2007-08-22T00:27:08Z 940x477 (2019787 Bytes) fixed a few problems with previous version (restored small countries circles, fixed problem with Germany and Serbia)
    • 2007-07-08T21:00:39Z 940x477 (2021488 Bytes) Remove lots of small islands which are not visible or barely visible at normal zoom levels; clean up borders so that boundaries are included in the main country groups, rather than being separate objects; make background all
    • 2007-07-04T00:04:59Z AzaToth 940x477 (2265956 Bytes) Minor optimizations using perl SVG::Parser and SVG modules (reparsing the tree)
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    • 2006-11-26T06:54:55Z 940x477 (2370957 Bytes) deleted Aksai Chin, awarded territory to China (nation of control, as India is pictured as the nation of control over Arunchal Pradesh). Revised from previous version by me, so may need optimizing by Brianski's tool again (s
    • 2006-11-23T11:27:06Z Brianski 940x477 (2273821 Bytes) optimized using Brian Szymanski's optisvg.pl
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    • 2006-11-12T02:02:50Z Hexagon1 940x765 (2318315 Bytes) Detailed SVG map with grouping enabled to connect all non-contiguous parts of a country's territory for easy colouring.

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